We’ve got to build stronger teams that believe in the products they sell. We’ve got to utilize technology to its fullest potential and cultivate intimate touch points with our customers.

That’s why we developed the Sales Builder System™. It’s a 12 part cycle that’s customized to the unique vision of your company.

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Month 1 "The Probe"

We dig deep. We start by surveying your customers to answer the immortal question, “Why do they buy from you?”

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But we don't stop there. When we say dig, we mean dig. We evaluate your current web presence, PR, and brand perception. Then we dig into the details of your current sales & marketing process looking for signs of:

  1. Automation
  2. Engaging Content delivered regularly
  3. Clear expression of your values and vision
  4. A clear value proposition
  5. An expression by sales people of their personal value to the prospect
  6. Great lead sources capturing useful data

We also interview your leadership team and some of your support staff. We look to uncover the nature of your company including:

  • Operational advantages
  • Service Advantages
  • Product Advantages
  • Relationship Advantages
  • Marketing Advantages

We deliver our findings in a neat package all tied together with a red bow.

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Month 2 "Belief over Brand"


Great companies are led by Belief. This workshop redefines your identity to propel you to lead your market and change your industry.

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You've heard of the 'Meyers-Briggs' personality test right? If not, google it real fast... Okay, got it? We've come up with a system of testing your companies personality. With it, we analytically determine your ideal identity and then deliver you a multi-purpose sales message framework allowing you to...

  • Define what your company believes in, and why your customers buy.
  • Align your messaging and your brand to your beliefs.
  • Implement a consistent vision that drives more than just your brand, but your company's overall strategy.
  • Communicate your vision to your employees when you haven’t built a manual.
  • Empower your sales to project the vision when you don’t have a script.
  • Direct your team to greatness when you don’t have a speech written.

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Month 3 "Script to Connect"

This Module is focused on writing scripts with a common message geared towards a connection.

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Developing call scripts that encapsulate the following:

  • Expressing your company values
  • Expressing “what” you do but more importantly “why” you do it
  • Demonstrating proof
  • Using storytelling examples to paint mental picture
  • Qualify, qualify, and more qualifying.

We’ll complete the following:

  • Develop an Introductory Call Script with your sales management team
  • Develop a Customer Response to service inquiry script with your management team
  • Develop a sales closing script with your sales management team
  • Develop templates for future scripting by your team

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Month 4 "Selling With Belief"

Communicating your belief is the most effective way to build trust.

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What does your brand mean to you (sales discussion)

4 Hours - The Science of Emotional Transfer

Selling is an emotional transfer. We reveal recent findings in DNA and psychological research and apply the results to emotionally connecting sales methods. Beyond just the feel-felt-found response, we teach new ways to redirect positive emotions during qualifying, presentation, objection-answering and closing.

  • Review your Business personality type and belief statements with sales
  • Review your Business messaging examples
  • Review examples of belief driven response

Brainstorming situations with sales team for belief driven responses.

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Month 5 "Sales Sync"

We'll show you how to automate, and synchronize your sales approach.

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We help you focus and improve your process in a number of areas including:

  • Improve the touch-points that you have with your customers, including better call and email productivity.
  • Establish better "data points" using fields and techniques that save time.
  • Establish better criteria for qualifying potential customers.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to optimize the use of your time.

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Month 6 "Salesologist"

A Dr. only treats what's needed. This module is broken into two workshops, both handling a key aspect of what it means to be a "Salesologist."

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The Interview Pyramid

We understand that first sales call to a prospect. Feeling out the prospect challenges salespeople, who learn to overcome the initial awkward contact by developing a routine response. The interview pyramid takes your sales people beyond the routine response, with a “Read and React” method that builds a foundation of the “Pyramid” leading to more successful sales calls, represented by the pyramid’s peak. We teach your salespeople how to build a better foundation of trust, build a better connection leading to a relationship, demonstrate personal value and align the prospects belief and needs to your call to action.

The Perfect Fit

We take a fresh look at the science of personality. Examining how the Myer’s-Briggs and Social Styles tools can inform salespeople on their approach. We teach several methods for modifying your approach in word choice, sales method, points of emphasis and closing questions to fit your prospects better. We then discuss common problems in existing sales workflows and how to address them to fit your prospects and discuss how you can better project future sales by including personality as a factor.

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Month 7 "Tribe Culture"

A committed sales team will do a hell of a lot more than bring in the money, they'll enthusiastically advocate for your company.

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Here's a few key areas that this workshop targets.

  • How to foster Open Communication
  • How to motivate staff with different interests and personalities.
  • How to build a sales team that is committed to your company, its products, and your industry.
  • How to create targets and measure outcomes in a way that motivates high performance.
  • How to unite your team with beliefs

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Month 8 "Proof in Presentation"

This Module teaches Powerful techniques for confident, sure-fire presentations.

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The goal of a presentation: Proof, Clarity of Return on investment, Emotional excitement, Urgency, Scarcity.

Before presentation essentials

  • Getting Confirmation
  • How to build in these essential pre-presentation elements.

Alignment of Beliefs and vision

  • Common Interest
  • Agreement to need
  • Agreement to benefits
  • Ability to purchase

Presentation structure

  • Present overview with confirmation
  • Present detail with proof – social and analytical
  • Present offer with urgency

Some of the ideas covered in the course will be:

  • Body language analytics
  • Emotional words that trigger analytical responses
  • Modulated Voice techniques
  • Presenting with flair
  • Comedic Timing for Sales
  • Security of Purchase.
  • Confirmation of their commitments
  • Social styles alignment
  • Confirmation and NLP
  • How to be natural

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Month 9 "The Measuring Stick"

We help you build the right metrics to effectively measure progress in order to accurately project sales and make informed decisions about managing your team.

How do you measure effort and potential, not just sales?

Training Objectives

  • Study the research on value of “Strivers versus Natural Talent”
  • Analysis of “The Life Time value approach to sales people”
  • Learn to Evaluate “Incentives versus training”
  • Learn how to modulate incentives

6 Measurements of Engagement

  1. Superforecasting – How to remove confirmation bias from your forecasting.
  2. Perform analysis measuring your growth and hiring needs
  3. Evaluation of market penetration
  4. Marginal cost contribution
  5. Your training commitment.
  6. Define metrics for evaluating your sales productivity custom to your company.

After we finish the evaluation and prepare you to continue the ongoing process of evaluating your staff and systems, we develop a plan to A/B test territory and account assignments in order to optimize assignment potential for sales.

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Month 10 "The Objection Seeker"

This module focuses on powerful methods of seeking out objection in order to seamlessly and answer them.

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We'll cover the following:

  • 10 Ways to seek out objections
  • Top 20 objections and responses
  • Ways to sell your highest risk factor as benefit
  • The Objection Answer Brainstorm 2-3 Hours

We have found that courses that offer answers to objections are very popular. Sales people leave the training excited and full of ideas. But they don’t normally deliver measurable results. Why? To really stick in, that have to be relatable to your sales team. We normally don’t believe in forcing things, but in this brainstorm we not only teach the objection answer method, but we force your team to come up with situations that apply to them, and develop different ways to answer your real objections and close more sales.

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Month 11 "The Science of Closing"

This module focuses on the latest research in the field of human psychology and how it effects the closing process.

We'll look at ways to carefully use urgency to close deals including:

  • Hot button reminders
  • Trial close on availability / scarcity
  • Trial close on timing
  • Trial closing on the implementation plan
  • Developing an artificial endpoint

We then look at ways to divert and close after you’ve determined the prospects inclination including

  • Pacing and Pausing
  • Using artificial upsells to down-sell close
  • Using a break the ice small sell to close the full order
  • Moving beyond the decision into negotiation to close
  • Negotiating for win-win scenarios

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Month 12 "ReSync"

In month twelve and then annually thereafter, the ReSync workshop helps you define your sales growth goals, hiring plans and training commitment.

We help you evaluate not only the growth in your sales, but key areas to evaluate in your business like an audit of your operations, an examination of your marketing and lead generation cycle, and how well positioned you are for new product and new market opportunities.

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